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Beaches of Los Cabos

Playa Grande on the Pacific Ocean side, Solmar Beach

Playa Grande Resort is located on the Pacific side, at Solmar Beach. This is a very beautiful and private beach, although not as safe for swimming as other beaches. However, if you love the beach, you have come to the right place! There are more than twenty wonderful beaches in Los Cabos. Here are a few others to try ~

In the heart of Cabo San Lucas you will find the most popular beach, El Médano , where people go to swim as well as socialize. It offers all types of water sport activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, kayaking, and jet skiing. If you are looking for a very romantic beach, you can taxi or kayak out to Playa del Amor ("Lover's Beach"), which is at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula, right on the other side of Solmar Beach. This is where you will see the famous El Arco . The snorkeling is great!

Closer to San José del Cabo, on the Corridor, are Playa Costa Azul and Playa Acapulquito , famous for their unique and beautiful rock formations. The main beach in San José is Playa Hotelera . This is a lovely wide beach, perfect for walking or horseback riding, but it is known for its dangerous surf.

If you are looking for a gorgeous, quiet cove to enjoy both swimming and water sports without a lot of crowds, visit Playa Palmilla . This beach is at Punta Palmilla near the famous Pamilla Hotel. Another even more private beach is Playa Las Viudas , better known as Twin Dolphin Beach. There is another famous hotel here, the Twin Dolphin hotel. It is safe to swim here and it is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Los Cabos.

For some of the best snorkeling in the area, visit Playa Chileno and Playa Santa Maria , on the Corridor. These two beaches are also quiet, gorgeous coves which are great to just relax and enjoy.


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