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Diving in Cabo

Starfish on the ocean floor

Diving in the Sea of Cortez is an unforgettable experience, with shipwrecks, caves, reefs, and sandfalls to explore. Where you go depends on your expertise. Snorkeling tours are perfect for just a taste of the underwater world. Diving conditions are great all year. June to December offer the greatest visibility, warmest water and longest periods of calm weather. Visibility can exceed 100 feet, and the temperature averages between 78 and 85 F.

Cabo is unique in that several of the finest snorkeling and scuba diving sites are only a 15 to 25 minute boat ride from the downtown marina. At Pelican Rock, which runs 25 to 100 feet deep, there are many colorful fish to see, along with interesting rock and sand formations. If you are looking for dive sites you can access right from the beach, go to Playa Chileno on the Corridor. This is where the famous Chileno Reef lies. It sits in up to 50 feet of water and here you will see all types of tropical fish, eels and urchins.

Divers with experience below 30 meters might want to see the vast submarine canyon which starts just 164 feet off Playa del Amor. This canyon is famous for its 'sandfalls', which are streams of sand tumbling over the canyon rim, forming sand rivers between large rock formations. At about 40 meters they become sheer granite walls, dropping vertically for over 9,000 feet. This amazing phenomenon was first documented by Scripps Institute of Oceanography in 1960. Since then it has been documented by Jacque Cousteau's expeditions. The edges of the canyon walls are covered with marine life and colorful coral, attracting all types of tropical fish not ordinarily seen so close to shore.



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